log home.


wondering who in the woods calls this fallen log, ‘home’ 


“there is something in the trees awaiting discovery.”

– steven magee

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  1. I’d like to there might be an Eastern Quoll (Australian) in your log, they are almost extinct on the mainland of Australia.. .. The Eastern quoll is a medium-sized species of marsupial. The fur of the animal is thick but soft, colored with fawn, brown or black and exhibiting small, white patches all over the body except with the tail. Generally, these quolls come in two distinct color patterns: either fawn with whitish under parts or black with brownish under parts

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  2. Oh, that looks like JoJo’s home. You know JoJo? I met him when I was a youngster, walking through the forest on my own and falling in love with nature. JoJo ( a sweet sprite) sang in my ear and flew along with me until he hopped into his home and said, “bye bye for now.”

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  3. Therein lives the fey spirit who emerges when her house is kissed with moonlight. Out she traipses to the land of the living to the Little People. It’s said she gifts the children with knowledge as they slumber on. Their doors blessed with her winged wonders of wealth and wisdom.

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