low key.


this year’s celebration is just going to be a low key affair

how will you be welcoming in the new year?


“embrace curiosity, be open, playful, and persistent.”

-Debra Kaye, Red Thread Thinking: Weaving Together Connections 






image credit: pinterest vintage images, the pickle sisters vaudeville troupe, 1920s

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  1. That group looks dressed for the Dillsburg, PA celebration of New Year highlighted by the “Pickle Drop” at midnight. I will welcome midnight with some well earned sleep. I hope it is a new year in so many ways for all of us! Happy New year, Beth!

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  2. In searching online for information about the Pickle Sisters, I didn’t turn up any hits that weren’t from the last few years, and almost all of them on social media sites where people post things they’ve found on other similar sites. I’m wondering if somebody in recent times created the Pickle Sisters as a hoax.

    Here’s a poem I found about them from earlier this year:

    In any case, happy new year.

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  3. I routinely stay up till 12:30 watching late night tv. Tonight my shows will be interrupted by two-hour old recordings of celebrations in New York. Still, I’ll be watching, just to make sure it really happens! Happy New Year, y’all!

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