i got a lovely holiday card from my dear friend

sharing all of her family’s news

including her oldest daughter

taking her driver’s ed training online

 all i can picture is mario kart.

actual humans in tokyo, mario-karting on the road

clearly someone had the same vision.

“most of american life consists of driving somewhere and then returning home, wondering why the hell you went.”

-john updike



image credits: nintendo/mario kart, google images japan

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  1. The wheels on that kart are pretty sophisticated. I want one. And my fave Updike quote is when he called Fenway “a lyric little bandbox of a ballpark.” So, this post made me smile twice. Great start to the day.

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  2. I drive so rarely that my battery died twice last year. Now it’s plugged into a trickle charger.

    At some point she’ll have to learn in a real car. Maybe masked, in a convertible, in 15-minute sessions.

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  3. We’re so out of practice with long driving trips these days. We drove up to Portland over the holidays and got an Airbnb with our son, who we hadn’t seen since March. It almost felt normal for a change.

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