life changing.



who knew it could be so cheap and easy to change your life?

 that it could even be on sale if you timed it right?

that for a buck fifty each, you could change two lives.? 

bogo life.

“true life is lived when tiny changes occur.”

-leo tolstoy

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  1. Life-changing is not always life improving. Also, I am astonished that not everyone is familiar with BOGO. Hasn’t that been around as long as we’ve been typing a single space after sentences instead of double?😜

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  2. BOGO was great when I first encountered it. Buy one, get one free. But around here it seems to have morphed into buy one, get one half price, or something similar. Even on special, however, melon does not sound appealing.

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  3. Not so sure about life changing with this…… Someone told me some eye masks are ‘Game changing’….I got some and they are nice but that is all really…. 🙂 If hear words like that the expectations are too high. Each person sees it different anyway.

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  4. They must really be desperate to stretch that far for a sale. It could be life changing in that if you drink both, you won’t have much life left. Never buy any of that kind of bottled crap. Rots your teeth to start with. Hmm. Lots of ways it could change your life but none for the better.

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  5. OH MY GOD! Bogo is a life changer. I totally love it considering I’m into coupons and have been since my college days. 🙂 I don’t drink Mountain Dew but I imagine for people who do it is life changing. Chocolate now that’s life changing, plus that Leo Tolstoy quote that right there that’s my jam for this year … AWESOME POST thanks for sharing 🙂

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