puxatawny phil with some other (less famous) celebs.

it’s his big day, and one of my favorite fun holidays

no matter what he predicts

about the coming of spring

(*not sure about his accuracy)

 i love his spirit. 

 *the national climatic data center compared U.S. national temperatures from 1988 to 2012 to determine the accuracy of Phil’s predictions, and he’s only been proven correct 39% of the time — significantly worse than chance.

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  1. Well, Phil did not get his meteorological degree from Penn State so his less than a coin flip accuracy is not unexpected. He is however a revered celebrity here in PA. Although his notoriety is quickly being eclipsed by his cousin, Gus. Our PA State Lottery mascot whose advice is, “just keep scratching”. Gus is the second most famous groundhog in PA.

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  2. so it seems as if they just predict the opposite of what Phil says, they would be right 61% of the time; that’s not too bad…

    and given that he saw his shadow this year, I’m going with that really means we will have an early spring… 🙂

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  3. I’m certain if you had your glasses on you would see that this picture is in fact that one squirrel that antagonizes my dad and stepmom so! Typical! As this is indeed my father’s birthday. I sent him a Holy Mackerel card to watch over him because we need humor more than ever right now. 🙂

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