i will never forget

it was a friday

 show and tell time

sitting on the floor

they took turns going around our circle

each child sharing their special thing

other children kindly looking at it

showing appreciation for what the others shared

then we came to n

who clearly had forgotten to bring something

yet said “i have something too”

he proudly walked around the circle

both hands together

gently cradling a single crumb

that he had picked up off our floor

showing each child

talking about his crumb

as the others

were all so kind

smiling at his crumb

complimenting him on his crumb

accepting the crumb as his special thing

without judging his crumb

my favorite show and tell special thing of all time.

“the wise learn from the experience of others, and the creative know how to make a crumb of experience go a long way.”

-eric hoffer

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  1. This is an important, yet sad, reminder that we teach and mold our children into behaviors. These young children hadn’t yet been taught hatred or criticism of others, but appreciation for others in all cases. Wish we could all go back and be those children again!

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  2. Priceless! I’ve seen a similar dynamic many times. I’m one of the most important things we can let kids do give them time to share. The best part of the story is the rest of the students all respecting and listening to the tale of the crumb.

    I used to send my suitcase home with the Star Student (of course, each child got a turn) during the year, and the child would bring it back on Friday with whatever he/she wanted to share. Some of their treasures were quite memorable.

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