the history of how you felt.


 loving my new journals and so looking forward to filling them


“language allows us to reach out to people, to touch them with our innermost fears, hopes, disappointments, victories.

to reach out to people we’ll never meet.

it’s the greatest legacy you could ever leave your children or your loved ones:

the history of how you felt.”

-simon van booy


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  1. That looks like a lovely incentive to re-start writing journals once more. I’m just lacking the time and leisure to do so. Mind you, I’m officially an old age pensioner for some time already only I don’t seem to fit the bill….. I have a husband much younger than me and he’s still in the threadmill for a long time. Started to write in my agenda to whom I had written, stopped doing that (because: Who wd be even mildly interested?). Had started writing a great quote or thought in agenda daily. Stopped for the same reason (not even I myself looked into it after some time….)….. I also don’t seem to have great thoughts any longer or else I tell them straight to available ‘attendees’ (read: wall, cupboard, the world, but don’t read Hero Husband! Just saying)…..
    But seriously, that journal looks just GREAT. I’m fighting a passing jealousy 🙂

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  2. In my early married years, I kept journals. Usually used accounting ledger books. Any bound, blank pages. Nothing as elegant as yours. I still have the four or five books I filled. Maybe my son will read them someday.

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  3. I’ve been keeping journals since … well, I’m going to write about them soon; once again you’ve inspired me, Beth; they’re often referred to as ‘commonplace books’ but ‘journals’ is a neater term, but are they the same thing?

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  4. Cheers on the new journals. I’ve gone from fancy to basic and back again over the years. Now I have morning pages and night time journal plus a single line gratitude journal. That one makes me think hard about the day. My kids will have a field day with the boring mundane feelings about my days. Especially the days they irritated me. 😉 I have probably 20 years worth. What a bonfire that will be. Have fun with them.

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  5. It is one of the nicest feelings, isn’t it? So much potential for creativity. I have kept all mine even since high school, except for the ones that were tossed because they were incriminating. Teens today don’t even know cursive and mine doesn’t even read anymore so I can’t get him to understand how amazing a journal is.

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