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  1. I would be more worried about that ‘moderate’ air quality…. is it that bad?
    You know, once again I’m ever so glad that I don’t want to/have to know IT ALL…. what I don’t know (such as air quality) doesn’t burden me unnecessarily.

    In what context did J. Wayne quote this? A movie? – I feel we’re burnin’ our life span, too often!

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  2. As a kid I was a huge fan of westerns. I think “burnin’ daylight” was pretty common among movie cowboys. Kind of like “Howdy, podnuh.” Or “hankerin'” to do something. Hollywood cowboy talk. I’ve no idea if cowboys really talked like that.

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  3. Great to find out where one of my favorite quotes came from. Wonder if someone wrote it for him in a script? I write down those nerdy statistics every day in my morning pages. I pay extra attention to the air quality these days. Perfect balance is a rare thing. 😉 Enjoy the day.

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