This week marks the anniversary of the debut of Diego Rivera’s “Detroit Industry Murals” in 1933.
Rivera’s work is a monumental 27-panel mural at the Detroit Institute of Arts
that portrays the geological, technological, and human history of Detroit. 
I have visited these murals since I was a young child and I never fail to be amazed.

Explore what makes “Detroit Industry Murals” a masterpiece in this episode of Bank of America‘s “Masterpiece Moment.”

credits: detroit institute of arts, bank of america

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  1. Fascinating! A creative genius. The story behind it all….
    Every piece of art, music, literature has a story of why, how etc. Most we never hear about or even think about.

    Even our little creations on WP have a tale to tell. (that best not be told) lol

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  2. wow. those are incredible. I’m always impressed by murals, just trying to imagine how someone can draw something so big and so beautifully. The amount of detail is incredible. These murals truly prove that every picture tells a story…

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  3. My old grade school in Oklahoma City was filled with big murals, along the halls and on classroom walls. They were similar to Rivera’s in style, but I doubt he spent much time painting in such humble surroundings. Remarkably, I think that old building is still the neighborhood grade school.

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