hat trick.


Sure, you could freeze those overripe bananas for bread or smoothies.

But wouldn’t it be nice if they just stayed yellow longer?

Try a hat.

That is, a hat designed to preserve your favorite tropical treat.

This one’s a two-parter: First, place the silicone cap over the crown (where the bananas connect) to slow the absorption of ethylene gas, which is what causes them to turn brown. Second, place the cute knit hat over the silicone one (they secure with magnets). Unicorn and viking or watermelon and pineapple? The choice is yours. Then, voilà! Bananas stay fresh longer—and look great while doing it. Which means you’ll waste less food and money. Yep, all that from a little hat. Made in California. ($25.00 from Uncommon Goods)

what’s the most unusual ‘kitchen tool’ you’ve ever purchased?


“i’m getting so old, i don’t even buy green bananas anymore.”

variations of this quote attributed to:  lou holtz, chi chi rodreiguez, claude pepper

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  1. Now there is a trick I have never heard of. I usually avoid buying bananas, as I can never eat them all before they go bad. This could be a game changer. I will be adopting that quote for future use in conversation. Kind of says it all. My most unusual “kitchen tool” is the take-out menu hanging on the fridge…😁

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  2. Bananas are the only thing that haven’t gone up in price for ten years or more.
    I’m not wasting $25 on a banana hat. 😦
    Does a husband count as a kitchen tool? 🙂 He didn’t cost $.01 and he’s worth every penny of it.

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  3. YES!!!! I was literally just saying this to my hubby tonight, that the bananas go bad all too quickly. I think everyone is sick of my banana cake, I’ve made it sooo many times!!! 😂

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  4. I’d heard of this trick, but it was just to secure plastic wrap around the tops. I only buy 2 or 3 at a time and still don’t seem to eat them fast enough. Read a few months ago that bananas are the first thing to sell out when panic buying begins (toilet paper and paper towels). The reporter talked to several different people in different towns and all confirmed bananas are the first thing to disappear. Go figure.

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  5. I love it. Does it actually work? when I read the title of your post my Canadian brain went immediately to ice hockey where a “hat-trick” is where one player scores three goals in a game…I thought wow…those are talented nanas! lol

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  6. Although I only ever buy 3 bananas at the time but either they’re getting eaten straight away or lie about until I have to throw them out. We, in Switzerland, are getting away from the plastic covers over the top of those ‘hands’ – as it is considered an unnecessary plastic wastage…..
    I find the price of 25$ absolutely beyond good and bad – would never spend that kind of money.
    I think I have no ‘unusual or bizarre’ kitchen tools – except that I might have too many of them.

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  7. Somebody told me to pull them all apart from each other to slow it down. I wonder if the Hat Works. I wound up a few days ago with way too many bananas, as the woman behind me had pushed her bananas into my groceries on the conveyer belt and I wound up taking two bags home–and being charged for hers. Now I need the opposite of that hat, a way to get them overripe so I can try to make banana bread for the first time ever.

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