*”tulips are the only flowers that continue to grow, up to an inch or more, after they’re cut.”

-sarah jio


i find it fascinating that they refuse to surrender so easily

even defiantly growing longer 


there’s science.


*Tulip stems do continue to lengthen once they’re snipped. That’s because the cells in their stems are particularly responsive to the plant hormone auxin, which causes them to elongate. Auxin also influences phototropism — the tendency of plants to grow toward light. – google


art credit: watercolor by vadim 

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  1. I never questionnend this interesting fact, but then, I love tulips so much that I see them growing daily at their astonishing rate for so many, many years that I’d be actually surprised to find that they wouldn’t grow like crazy.
    Such a fascinating story. I also own several tulip based books including one that’s especially dear to me with actual drawings and wonderful stories about tulips. I always have tulips on my table and must have read any novel including tulips in any form or history – and yet I didn’t know this nugget – Thanks a lot Beth

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  2. in that they are like fingernails; and axolotls and hydras too in the animal world can do likewise; and some microscopic animals; as my grandpappy used to say, ain’t nature wonderful 🙂


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