variety is the sugar of life.


these were one of the greatest food creations of my childhood

with the introduction of the mini-box variety packs

came great excitement

along with

new reasons to battle with siblings

how to divide the number of boxes evenly

who gets to pick first

did i open it correctly on the perforated lines 

kellogs, general mills, or post packs

who gets stuck with

the ‘old boring people’s cereal boxes’

 such unparalleled joy

sprung from eating it right out of the side of the box

pouring your milk on this sugary delight

turning it into a personal bowl

i thought i could never be happier.


“do you know what breakfast cereal is made of?

it’s made of all those little curly wooden shavings you find in pencil sharpeners!”

-roald dahl

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  1. delightfully joyous story, Beth; which proves there is much happiness to be found in the everyday pleasures, like breakfast cereals; there are all American brands but we had their equivalents in Snack, Crackle, Pops, Weetbix and — wait, for it —- Farex, which I continued to eat long after I should have 🙂

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  2. One of my favorite things when I was small was reading the backs of cereal boxes and I crunched away on what had been inside. Didn’t get the little boxes often, but they were cool too, just harder to read.

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  3. They were such a treat because they contained the cereals Mom would not buy otherwise. and now… these same variety packs come in bowl-like containers. So not the same…

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  4. My brother and I felt the same way. We only got to eat out of the box when we were traveling, though, which was abysmally disappointing. I may never have recovered from that early existential crisis. “Why not, Mom?” “Because I said.”

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  5. Ah, great memories. The only time mom ever bought them was for camping. Yup the good ol’ corn flakes never got picked…lol. We never got this kind of stuff cuz it was oatmeal all the way….oh camping was so fun–and tasty!

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  6. These seldom made their way into our household when I was a kid. My parents thought sugary cereals were the devil. 🤣

    I love the quote. I used to have an annual Hobby Day in my class. It was simply my attempt to create a safe public speaking situation for my students. One year one of my students collected the pencil shavings from the pencil sharpener for his hobby. 🤣

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  7. A memory of a certain time. A great reminder of how happy we can be with simple things – thanks. (I was glad I only had one sibling to battle with, making the odds manageable for getting what I liked.)

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