have you ever touched a rainbow?

it’s pure magic. 

“and as he spoke of understanding,

i looked up and saw the rainbow leap with flames of many colors over me.”

-Black Elk

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  1. My Rainbow

    Over mountains, into a distant sky
    Blazing hues of African butterflies
    Sparkling reflections of our last goodbyes

    Did you see my yesterday rainbow?
    She is ruby red, yellow and blue
    The heavenly ring, in everyone’s view

    Above you, a perfect archway
    Behind you, a forever shining sunray
    Around you, a golden halo everyday

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  2. YES!!!!!! Coming home from the beach once we were so eager to get home after more than a week of sun and driving. We saw a rainbow ahead and realized it was getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. We literally drove through it. We, and everything in our vehicle and the air and ground around us, was green!!!!!

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  3. it was our science teacher, using a clear cup of water, white paper, and a small flashlight. the kids absolutely loved it! you might enjoy doing it with your class


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