slush fund.


grandie j is at it again

this time it’s pop-up slushie stand

raising money for a boy shed

a clubhouse for him and his friends

lots of work, lots of fun

lots of choices on the treats n’ eats menu

riding off on bikes to drum up business

lots of happy customers

all the employees had rainbow tongues

(it’s important for them to like their own product)

great business, great profits

off to a great start. 

“whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”

-peter drucker

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  1. Quite an entrepreneur. A colorful menu with fancy names. Knows a customer will always purchase something with a catchy handle.
    Who wants to buy a plain old slushy when you can sip a Sunset Rest or a Pink Dragon?

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    • exactly! when i was there, one of the young customers said he figured out why the ‘4th of july’ and ‘sunset rest’ we so named, as in the colors of syrup used to make the slushie. i didn’t even notice that )

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  2. I love all this. Brings back a lot of memories of my “business” experiences as a child. It all starts with a dream. Isn’t it fun to see him so excited?

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