under the canopy.


after hiking to the secret climbing tree

 mother nature designed

only for kids

we enter under the canopy of emerald leaves

to find the magic inside. 

“wood is only one-syllable word, but behind it lies a world full of beauty and wonder.”     

-theodor heuss

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  1. made me smile – one of my best memories in this respect is The Tremendous Joy of seeing my (then) baby on a rug under a tree and his arms reaching out to the sun which sent flickering beams of light through the dappled leaves and made him laugh with delight…. what a way to grow up!

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  2. Always thought of the woods that way, I guess I never outgrew the thought that there could be magic in there, and mysteries et cetera…

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  3. I suspect this is another one of those memorable times you’re having with one of your grandchildren. I’m so waiting for these moments.

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