that moment – #1


that moment when you rush in

because your are sure you have seen a king cobra

but realize it is only a weird stick.



“sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage.

just 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery.”

  • -author unknown 



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  1. I need new glasses in THE worst way.. I’m exhausting myself with freak-outs over stick snakes in the yard, leaf dog poops on the floor and dirt stain moles on my husband.

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  2. A life time ago my grandfather had planted his garden. I thought it a bright idea to put a fake snake in the upcoming corn to try and prevent birds from pulling it up. A neighbor drove down the dirt road, his grand kids saw the snake and started yelling. He jumps out of his truck, grabs a stick and tears across the garden to kill the snake. Not seeing it to be rubber until he was on top of it. I also once ran from someone chasing me with a snake that turned out to be a big stick.

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  3. As someone who is creeped out by snakes, this makes perfect sense to me. One time I was baling hay and lifting heavy bales onto the back of a large truck bed. As I gripped the bale and lifted it over my head, I came face to face with a wriggling snake trapped inside. Ahhhh!

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