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Today in animals you might not believe are real (but are!): the pink fairy armadillo. This species (Chlamyphorus truncatus) grows to just about 6 inches long, making them the smallest armadillos in the world.

They are found only in central Argentina, and because they’re nocturnal and spend a lot of time burrowing underground, the elusive creatures are difficult to study. 

Like other armadillos, pink fairy armadillos have a shell (or carapace) but theirs is softer, thinner and more flexible. The shell’s color comes from blood vessels close to the surface.

source credit: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

“always be yourself unless you can be an armadillo,

then always be an armadillo.”

-author unknown

some animals are so unusual, it’s hard to believe they’re real.

what’s the most interesting/unusual animal you’ve ever encountered?

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  1. your post made me go out and look for the weirdest animals. I found this list, and the pink armadillo is on it! It’s hard to pick from such a list, but I think I’d have to go with the axolotl.

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  2. The most unusual animals I’ve encountered are humans. They are not very bright, kill everything. Eat everything, hate, lie, cheat, are greedy, make up gods, hoard, are exceptionally violent, are mentally unstable and have few, if any redeeming traits. All the other animals I’ve come across are rather nice. I’m crazy about the pink armadillo. Sweet.

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  3. wow! that’s so cool…when we were in AZ, I walked out of our house one day, and their was the biggest spider I’d ever seen, it was larger than my hand, and almost looked like a cross between a spider and a…I have no idea. it was wild…

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  4. They are also an endangered species due to habitat loss and domestic dogs attacking them. “Armadillo” is Spanish for “little armored one” and they aslo have the nickname “Sand Swimmer” because they can dig so fast. More info here:,that%20is%20almost%20completely%20separate%20from%20the%20body.

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  5. What an unusual looking animal – so furry on the bottom and so little! This cute little armadillo doesn’t even look real but how cool to know it is. Thanks so much for sharing, Beth. I hope you are doing well 🙂

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  7. That armadillo is so cute. The strangest creature I ever laid eyes on was a duck-billed platypus on a friend’s farm near Canberra. It was evening and I thought it was a beaver at first. Then thought I was loosing my mind. Made my friend’s children laugh so hard they rolled on the ground.

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  8. What a cute tiny creature! I’ve never heard of them before. When I first saw your picture I didn’t believe it to be real! Many armadillos migrated in my lifetime from Texas to Missouri. This little girl/gal would need help with transportation to ever be near here!

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  10. I think this might be a new favourite animal of mine – thanks so much for sharing! I love learning about unique and interesting animals like this – me and my mother like to do a new museum visit every month because we both love to discover and explore things like this. XD I really loved that quote too. ❤

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