you say cicada, i say cicado.


it’s been 17 years and they’re back!

they been sitting around underground

patiently waiting

for a dramatic return

no reason to stress


our library has created a city-wide bingo game in their honor

what could be more fun?

and i’ve already got my free spot filled.


Cicada Summer

Brood X has ARRIV- er, EMERGED from the depths to see YOU!!!! 


If you have, you may have one or more boxes checked off on our CICADA SUMMER BINGO!!! 

From your friends at the Ann Arbor Public Libraries

“i work even in the middle of the day, in the full sunshine, and i enjoy it like a cicada.”

-vincent van gogh

source and photo credits: ann arbor district library,

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  1. I like the idea of cicada bingo 🙂 I live in Maryland, and Brood X showed up toward the beginning of June. Lots of them were on trees and leaving their exoskeletons. I kinda miss hearing their rhythmic hum when I’m outside. But I just have to be patient and wait another 17 years!

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  2. I’m just impressed that the cicada is popular enough to have a bingo game named after it. Now you’ve got me thinking about other squares: saw a cicada at the grocery store, saw a cicada doing the Macarena, saw a Cicada changing a tire. 😎

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  3. What an hysterically funny idea! I think they are down the hill in the woods so I haven’t seen any but I have certainly heard them! What a funny idea! But a brilliant one!! Thanks for the laughter!

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