This Haunted, Abandoned Village in Scotland

Can Be Yours for $173,000

The Old Village of Lawers, currently for sale in Scotland, comes with some baggage. In addition to its centuries-old ruins, the property purportedly comes with the ghost of a seer whose famous for her accurate predictions. If this sounds like your dream listing, the historic village can be yours for $173,000, CNBC reports.

The sale of the Old Village of Lawers in Perthshire, Scotland, is being managed by the Goldcrest Land & Forestry Group. The settlement dates back to the 17th century, and it includes the ruins of the Old Lawers Church, a kiln, and mill, and the House of Lawers. The latter site housed the Lady of Lawers in the late 1600s.

The seer put forth various prophecies in her lifetime, including visions of “fire-coaches” and ships powered by smoke. These have since been interpreted as predictions of trains and steamships. She also proclaimed that the ridging stones for the church would never be laidβ€”a prediction that came true when a storm washed them away. Today, the ghost of the Lady of Lawers is said to haunt the village she once called home.

The 3-acre property offers more than dilapidated buildings and supernatural legends. It also comes with a private beach, semi-ancient woodland, and the rights to fish for trout and launch a boat in Loch Tay. The village, which has been unoccupied since the early 20th century, is perfect for someone looking for a truly secluded getaway in central Scotland. The Old Village of Lawers is listed for Β£125,000, or roughly $172,859 USD.

who’s in?

“the village is coming back, like it or not.”

-david brin


source credits: mental floss, michele debczak, cnbc

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  1. I like being alone but that’s a little to alone for me, not counting the ghost, of course. Plus, I’d probably have a difficult time understand the ghost since she may have a thick accent. Otherwise…well, still no.

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  2. Incredible bargain. I’d put up with an entire army of ghosts to escape loud neighbors, leaf blowers running 18 hours a day every day, train horns at 3 AM, etc. And it’s still infinitely more affordable than an apartment the size of a cupboard around these parts.

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