“there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – maya angelou


dried human tears (Smithsonianmag.com)

watching the january 6th capitol hill hearing

 the most compelling, wrenching, and heartfelt testimony

i have ever witnessed

 raw pain















overwhelming emotions

unanswered questions

not one person immune from tears

i could not take my eyes off of them

and I am forever changed

 questions must be answered and justice served

never to happen again.

“that’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.” – john green

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  1. Yes, we’ve seen the video clips here in Europe and we are outraged at the Republicans that are lying to all by denying the facts. Incredible!

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  2. I felt gutted listening to these brave men speak about what they had endured and what’s more, profess their willingness to do it again for the sake *of our country*. A dedication to something larger than oneself…something the GOP (with a few notable exceptions) seems to have lost sight of….😔

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  3. I’ll never understand how anyone can watch how violent that crowd was and deny it happened. I’d feel so betrayed if I was one of those cops, trying to defend the Capitol and buy enough time for the Senators to get to safety, and then they turned around and said the crowd was “loving” and nothing really happened. Disgusting! And how insulting to the American public. We’re not supposed to believe our own eyes?

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  4. I listened to the testimony on the radio, and the anger was clear in the voices of the police officers. It was difficult to hear the astonishing details about what they experienced … but I felt their testimonies were more intimate than seeing the horrible videos of the riot.

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  5. Your list of words is perfect. But they don’t even begin to describe what so many of us felt. There are no words to describe what happened.
    My husband and I sat riveted to the screen. So many times when we watch things, we are just by ourselves. But watching this we felt as if there were a million or more watchers in our living room.
    And shame on anyone who didn’t watch or listen!

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  6. Nothing will happen to the bad guys. It rarely does. The republicans who planned and followed through on the break in never even had to take a day off. NOTHING happened to any of them in SPITE of the PROOF. When you have money you have power and punishment and responsibility is only for those who don’t have those things. That’s the very clear message that came from it.

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  7. Although we all might have been out of words, you found the perfect words to describe what happened in us when these terrible things happened. Still unbelievable how people could be so out of reason to blindly follow some idiots who only want to see their own glimmer.

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  8. I am not a poet, and I usually don’t read it as other things strike my fancy more, but I love anything from Maya Angelou’s mouth, pen, or computer.

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  9. insanity – justice, please, now. I missed yesterday, yet did recently watch one of the officers on a interview, and the fear and anger at what occurred was so visceral…. and how they were treated is deplorable.

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  10. Wow, that certainly summed it all up! I couldn’t watch much of the news this morning because of the replays of that infamous day and of the newscasters who still vouch for that president and his followers. It was an act of treason that that president was willing to try to turn our country into his liking just so he could get the power of presidency. If he had not been so power hungry, he would have bowed out instead of causing a rebellion from his followers. Sorry, I can not even bare to think about what could have happened that thankfully didn’t.


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