“we are nothing but space dust trying to find its way back to the stars.”





art credit: bill watterson – calvin and hobbes

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  1. Things just are and when they aren’t, things change and become something else. LOL We can’t control any of it. And thinking we are a big deal is just a matter of inflated ego and brainwashing. Dust in the wind.

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  2. Goes super well with an article I read to my blind mother yesterday. Hailstones get to be hailstones because a TINY SPEC of dust is whirled around in the air, into the clouds, where they get covered by cold water which freezes and forms a tiny ball. These balls get bigger by being whirled about until they’re too heavy for the air to carry them…..
    And we may be but a spec of dust but nobody should make the mistake of not taking us seriously.
    One of my best loved cards said:
    If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito…. I bought it in England but I couldn’t attribute the quote to anybody living or dead as millions of ppl claim it to be theirs!


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