how long is forever?


the usps has announced that the price of forever stamps is going up

isn’t that the purpose of buying forever stamps,

so you never ever have to pay more or wonder what the current price is?

so forever isn’t forever?

i decided to ask my reliable old friend, merriam webster –

forever adverb

for·​ev·​er | \ fə-ˈre-vər  , fȯ-; Southern often fə-ˈe-və \

Definition of forever 


for a limitless time

wants to live forever


at all times CONTINUALLY

is forever making bad puns

forever noun

Definition of forever 

a seemingly interminable time excessively long

it took her forever to find the answer

i then asked my two steves for their answer:

” intend to live forever. so far, so good.”

-steven wright

“nothing cannot exist forever.”

-stephen hawking

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  1. EXCELLENT my friend! You truly are a girl after my own …. I would have done the same. Our stamps are also going up on the 1st of next year. VERY annoying when you have forever stamps not being THAT forever. I had to start buying ‘Marianne’ * stamps in France which were also the only ones with no value put on them – only to learn that they weren’t forever either….
    * Marianne is the head on all ‘forever’ stamps in France, terribly boring, no beauty at all and ALL the ‘fancy’ stamps of the kind we are getting in Switzerland at least 10 times per year with new designs, memoriam, etc. are to be had BUT at a premium price, so let’s say you have a €1 stamp (not that they exist) you’d have to pay €1.15…. silly I know! (but very French).
    For this post you not only get a star, you get a GOLDEN *

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  2. When the sun turns into a Red Giant, and eats the earth, it won’t matter. However, if time doesn’t exist, in some parts of the universe, then forever doesn’t exist either because we can’t measure it, right? Time is what forever is all about. So if time isn’t in the picture, neither is forever. Still, even in a place with no time, one may want to mail a postcard.

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  3. Well…if a stamp says “FOREVER,” it will cover postage even if you bought it ten years ago for something less than current postage. It’ll cover postage ten years from now. Still a pretty good deal in my tiny little mind. 🙂

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  4. Reminds me of when I first started working at Mecca. I originally had Tue/Wed nights off, and when I asked the manager if that would be my regular schedule, he told me I’d have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off “forever and ever.”

    A week later, he called me in the office and asked if I could switch to Wed/Thu off…..

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  5. Leave it to the post office to have it’s own definition of what “Forever” means! However, I don’t know what better word they could have picked for their intention to say, “You can use this type of stamp until you run out of them.”

    I have some 5 and 10 cent stamps that are mostly useless. Only if I have an international stamp where the price has gone up can I use those stamps.


  6. We all remember the old Benjamin Franklin saying, “In this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes.” Maybe greeting cards should say, “I’ll love you forever, or 36,000 miles—whichever comes sooner.”🤣

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  7. Hi Beth,
    As long as the stamps are undamaged (indications of prior use), they remain valid for first class (up to one ounce) mail domestically or internationally, indefinitely (“forever”).

    If you are sending something heavier, you can use another stamp for each additional ounce, but the cost of additional weight does not directly correspond with additional weight. That’s a complicated way of saying a second ounce (or each additional ounce thereafter) is not the current price of a “forever” stamp. So, you’d be paying extra money to add one additional stamp for each ounce of weight.

    If you think you’re over one ounce, you’re best to take the letter / post to a post office for weighing and correct postage.

    At some point you have to factor in your gas, mileage and time spent – so just add the extra stamp…


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      • Hi Beth,
        We send cards to Liverpool (UK) every year w/ 2 stamps per card. They always get there (no problems).

        I believe you can get three 8.5X11 pages in an envelope for less than one ounce. Various web sites say 6 to 8 pages, but you need to account for the envelope. When’s the last time you wrote / typed a 6 page letter (front and back)? LoL…

        Any idea why this reply showed up as anonymous? I was logged into WP when I sent the initial reply.

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  8. Stephen Hawking is right again. NOTHING is forever. Especially the price of anything. I’ve had some of my forever stamps, well forever but when they are gone…eh. I’ll just stop writing letters. Or use scads of the 29 cent stamps with the 32 cent stamps and maybe add a 41 cent stamp just for good measure. That’s probably what it will cost to mail a card next year.

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