more bread with my bread, please.



A carb-lover’s dream, this sandwich gets stuffed with flaky pie crust.

Simit-pogacha is a beloved breakfast food in Skopje, the capital city of the Republic of North Macedonia. Bakers slice open a bun, stuff it with burek—a pastry crust of layered phyllo—and serve as a sandwich. No meat, no cheese, no sauce. Just bread.

Burek is typically stuffed with feta cheese, greens, or meat. However, the burek that goes into simit-pogacha is just the plain, flaky crust. Depending on where you buy it, the crust can be housed inside sesame buns or warm, fluffy rolls. Either way, diners almost always wash down the greasy, comforting carb combo with drinking yogurt.

If you leave Skopje without at least trying simit-pogacha, you’re missing the city’s soul. The sandwich doesn’t have much flavor and can be dry without the lubrication of the yogurt, but its comforting carb-on-carb composition makes it a morning must for many Skopje citizens.

Recommendation: Restaurant Bakery Koki -Dame Gruey Skopie, 1000, Macedonia
In addition to simit-pogacha, they have burek (try the feta crust variety), pizza, and really good lasagna. 

enjoy one ( or any other bread)

in honor of world bread day,

created by the international union of bakers and confectioners

to celebrate the oldest and simplest of food staples

  • “acorns were good until bread was found.”
  • – francis bacon

credits – gastro obscura

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  1. Sounds like my sort of food. This reminds me of something we used to have in school. A “ bun-samosa” A potato stuffed samosa would be sandwiched between the two halves of a bun. It was mostly carbs but the contract of crispy samosa crust, soft bun and spicy soft potato filling made it awesome.

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  2. Ooooh boy, could I get into trouble with this one. Not a day goes by when I’m not having some type of bread. There are certain foods (ice cream comes to mind) that I simply don’t want in the house because I can’t say no.

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