we write.


“directly, or indirectly, everything we write is for someone.”

-author unknown


Yesterday October 20 was the National Day on Writing.

The National Council of Teachers of English established the National Day on Writing

“to draw attention to the remarkable variety of writing Americans

engage in and to help make writers from all walks of life aware of their craft.” 

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  1. Yes indeed … we write, and we write .. and nowdays, our amazing digital/technical world, allows our words to be seen everyone around the Globe …here I am in faraway Geelong, writing for the New Jersey, on-line Magazine, Coffee House Writers … and I am also a Barista/writer, team member of the Go Dog Go Cage, blog/magazine site… Two writing ventures for me, that were never possible 10 to 15 years ago .. the world of writing is now amazingly vast …

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  2. I was clueless about the National Day of Writing. “Finding’s the Words” from the Frederich Buechner Center was the first email that caught my eye this morning. Your’s was the second. He “Tre’s today excerpt fringe Fred’s wonderful book “Telling the Truth”:

    “Ethically, politically, religiously, the prophets say what they ought to say, to use Shakespeare’s phrase again, but beyond and even more crucial than that they say what they feel in a language that even across all the centuries and through all the translations and mistranslations causes us to feel them, too. At their most truly prophetic they speak things that my guess is that even they themselves did not entirely understand because they are things that are of truth itself rather than of particular truths, truth itself which cannot finally be understood but only experienced.”

    Thanks for a good second cup of coffee.

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  3. I didn’t know about this celebration. Writing is for everyone. I wish we could change the way we teach writing in schools so that every kid could experience writing as a tool for reflection and fun.


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