happy hour.



friends on november 12th celebrating national happy hour day to the fullest.

why limit happiness to just one hour?

note: happy hour began as an event in the military.

it is believed that the term comes from events organized

by a club called the happy hour social for the United States Navy in 1913.

“fair thoughts and happy hours attend on you.”

-william shakespeare







image credit: google images

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  1. This is amazing. My neighbor texted me Friday afternoon, asking if I’d like to have a drink with her. I agreed, natch. Then she invited a couple other ladies on our street, who readily joined, one responding promptly, “on my way, drink in hand.” πŸ˜› We had no idea it was National Happy Hour Day! We actually started at 4:30. Oops. But it spread into the 5:00 hour. πŸ™‚

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  2. Happy Hour was definitely Navy. Back in the day (40 years ago) as a Navy wife, Happy Hour on Friday was sacred. That’s when the bonding with the guys happened… so when they were at work, flying jets, they could count on and depend on each other. I was all for Happy Hour!

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