cloud flowers.


finding a mushroom village – autumn in sugarbush park


“mushrooms were the roses in the garden of that unseen world,

because the real mushroom plant was underground.

the parts you could see – what most people called a mushroom –

was just a brief apparition. a cloud flower.” 

-margaret atwood, the year of the flood


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  1. New mushrooms are Nature’s oldest medicine…
    “Nature alone is antique, and the oldest art a mushroom.”
    … Thomas Carlyle

    New Mushrooms

    After the storm
    Old boundaries were transformed
    Fences were moved and torn
    Fields smelled of rotting corn
    Patient vultures remained airborne
    Above the drowning longhorn’s

    After the storm
    I rested under the peppercorn
    And I saw new mushrooms rise with the dawn


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  3. Love your blog here! ❤️
    Also, I recently wrote a poem on the beauty of flowers, would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!


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