“nobody roots for goliath.” – wilt chamberlain


in a snow bowl game

with rivalry roots from way back when

that hadn’t been won


the university of michigan over the ohio state university

in so many years

at last the wolverines bring a victory home

and with the win

michigan stadium is filled with jubilant fans

spilling out onto the field

and into the very, very happy town of ann arbor.

“you don’t have a real rivalry unless both sides are great teams.”

-carson palmer



photo credits: mlive

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  1. I totally loved the game. My parents met as students at the University of Michigan during the one semester my Dad was there (playing Spring football) until the Navy sent him to Georgia Tech. So my existence depended on Michigan football. I lived in Ann Arbor before I was old enough to remember the experience.

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  2. Hi Beth,
    I am a Harbaugh fan (after his time coaching the 49ers).
    I’m kind of a coin-flip fan on Ohio vs Michigan. As mid-west / central teams go, I’ve tended to favor Iowa or Kansas, but not as a serious “fan”, since I’m mostly a Pac-10 (now Pac-12) “raised” supporter. My two girls went to UCLA and Cal. So, there’s that, too.
    Anyway, I’d like to see your boys make it to the Nat. Championship game (and win), but the main thing is to show effort and beat ANYONE from the SE Conference. (I’m sooo tired of Alabama…) LoL!

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