a wonderful surprise

from one cruciverbalist to another

this full-page spread crossword puzzle with 723 clues

what madness is this?

my dream come true. 

our whole life is solving puzzles.”

-erno rubik

cru·ci·ver·bal·ist  (kro͞o′sə-vûr′bə-lĭst)


1. A constructor of crosswords.

2. An enthusiast of word games, especially of crosswords.

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  1. After my first stroke 21 years ago, I did crosswords to therapeutically rebuild my words and language, with the use of a dictionary I slowly regained my to read and write again … Yeah !! for crosswords …

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  2. OMG – that would kill me! Many, many yrs ago, I attempted the Sunday Times (UK) crossword – it drove me crazy. It’s like a puzzle with 5000 equally cut pieces – madness!
    Good Luck though!

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    • i just do as much as i can on the first pass, walk away and come back to it, as many times as needed. the brain keeps working even when it’s not in front of us


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  4. I loved this one, Beth; we do crossword puzzles three or four times a week in bed before breakfast over coffee but they are nowhere near as big as that giant one you posted; solving a crossword puzzle is satisfying as finding your way out of a maze 🙂

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