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missing the point: man in germany drives to driving test

A man in Germany has discovered the hard way that it’s best to get a driving license first before trying to use it. Police in Bergheim, near Cologne, said Tuesday that the 37-year-old drove himself to his driving test, parking an Opel Zafira outside the test center in front of an astonished examiner.

They said he told police officers who were called to the scene on Monday that he had only driven because he wanted to make sure to get to the driving test on time.

His test was immediately called off. The man now faces an investigation for driving without a license. Police also opened an investigation of the car’s owner.


“perspective is worth 80 iq points”

-alan kay



source credit: ap- berlin

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  1. I promptly started my driving test by running over one of those low cement barriers designed to stop a car. Somehow, I still passed. I’ll never forget my tester’s look of skepticism ten seconds into the test.

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  2. Thanks for sharing that valuable bit of information. Glad they took him off the road but he was on it quite the while in order to learn how to drive that tin can. We are heading that way on the 6th so we will be spared that little bit of stupid. There is more around, I’m sure.

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  3. After I BOUGHT my first motorcycle, had ridden it home and around town for at least a week, I rode it to within a block of the DMV, then pushed it the rest of the way there. The examiner frowned at me, but gave me the test any way. I, of course, passed the test easily. I was in my early twenties, not 37, however.

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