happy national bubble wrap day

celebrate in style. 

“therapy is extremely expensive. popping bubble wrap is radically cheap.”

-jimmy buffett


credits: designer craig green, london fashion week show, 2019, reuters, henry nicholls photo,

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  1. so very true! 😉 – although when we bought a very large/long sheet of bubble wrap for one of our international removals, I was shocked at the steep price…. but never mind. I’d love to do one of those bubble wrap chases along a corridor!

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  2. Another one of those silly and pointless ‘days’. You would think with all the information around plastic pollution, they would have banned the stuff by now. Especialy as a good alternative is corrugated cardboard, and that’s recyclable. I don’t want to kill anything more in the oceans, as I have probably already been responsible for enough pollution in my younger days when I knew no better.
    Sorry to be a grump, but bubble-wrap annoys me! Like those giant plastic ‘air-pods’ used as packaging by Amazon in parcels. They really annoy me too. 🙂
    (And, breathe… Rant over.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • I think these days are simply meant to inject a bit of fun into people’s days. Life can be hard at times and it offers some joy just for the sake of it. As long as bubble wrap exists, I think it’s good that people reuse it at least and hopefully we will come up with safer and better ways to ship things that will be more earth friendly in the future.

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