a pencil can write 45,000 words


if you have some time on your hands, maybe give this fact a try. according to reports, the average pencil can write roughly 45,000 words and draw a line that is 38 miles long (61.2 km) long. what’s for sure, you’ll need a few stacks of paper on hand to try this one out. as a huge fan of writing utensils, this is very exciting news!


“a pencil and a dream can take you anywhere.”

-joyce meyer




source credits: getty images, mental floss


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  1. I remember in my primary years being taught penmanship … hearing the teacher give the stroke directions as my classmates and I followed along in lockstep.
    I remember teaching penmanship with the same strict directions.

    What I notice as I observe the pencil and paper habits of many today is that they can’t even hold the DAMN pencil right. 😦

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  2. As a longtime news reporter, I knew that a pencil had to be ready in the desk drawer and glove compartment at all times because it would write on the reporter’s pad outside in the rain when pens failed, Beth. A plastic grocery bag helped keep the pad somewhat shielded, too.

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  3. We all started writing with pencils, right? Or at least I did. I seldom write by hand anymore, but certainly appreciate the occasional handwritten letters from two beloved aunts. That said, just the other day I printed a letter to my 5-year-old great nephew for no other reason than I wanted to send him a letter (with stickers and a picture I colored for him). Kids love mail. So do I, when it’s not a bill or junk.

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  4. In school I always opted for #3 pencils because they held a point longer than #2s. Just yesterday my son told me about my granddaughter’s favorite mechanical pencil, a Japanese model that rotates the lead after each stroke to keep the point from wearing down flat. Meanwhile, I always have a notepad by the bed and by the computer, along with a specific Uniball pen that’s been on the market for 20 years or more.

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  5. I love Mental Floss! But just like the question from Monty Python and “The Holy Grail” in order to cross the Bridge of Death the question was asked: “What is the airspeed velocity of and unladen swallow?” And King Arthur replied, “Was it an African or European Swallow?” And the Wizard didn’t know and fell over the side of the mountain. Is this a soft lead pencil or a hard lead pencil (#2 or #3). Was the test run with heavy pressure on the pencil or very light pressure? I couldn’t resist asking this!! Hugs! Thanks! This was a good post!!

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  6. The old-fashioned Fitbit.

    I purchased a small pencil dispenser and put it in our library. It was a very popular item. There were kids with over 200 pencils in their collections.

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  7. I actually took a pencil with me to band practice last night and used its eraser as well. We have iPads at church with the lyrics on them, but I much prefer to print them out on paper and use my pencil to make edits. Yay, pencils!

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