between the pages.



“there is space on everyone’s bookshelves for books we’ve outgrown but can’t give away.

they hold our youth between their pages.”

-enid blyton

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  1. This makes me once again miss my series of Nancy Drew books that my mom felt it right to give away because they were taking up shelf space in the closet in my bedroom that I had to share with her. Oh, I would love to read ALL of them again!

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  2. I had so many books as a child … that were given away by my parents when I went off to college. I still remember a certain cherished book about how to draw animals. Beautiful illustrations. But gone. Probably just as well, or I’d probably still have them all!

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  3. That’s so true. Two weeks ago, I was looking for two specific books I received from my grandfather who got them when he was a little boy. I don’t read them every day. But they are treasures.

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  4. I totally agree.
    My children have all their favorites, Mr. Men, Little Ms books, books by Roald Dahl, and the set of Thomas the Tank Engine books safe in containers!
    My son who is an ardent comic collector since he was age 8. He has each comic preserved in its original plastic sleeve and then sealed in a brown paper bag stashed away for over three decades.
    Now in their early forties, my children have no intention of parting with them.

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