would you believe…?


saw this (now vintage) ad 

from my younger days

and wondered

how many of you still owe columbia house the $1.00?

i keep waiting for someone to come to the door

looking to take back my records or cassettes.

or the dollar that i never sent in. 

“both my parents worked, so i was home alone a lot, and i would listen to their records.

they belonged to the columbia house record club, so they had records!”

-lyle lovett

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  1. Wow! That took me back, Beth. I found my way to a lot of interesting music through Columbia House. I am going to put your mind at ease and say that they have probably written off your missing dollar since then. Great post!

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  2. I did the Columbia House 12 cassettes for .99 back in 1989 when I was a teenager and into heavy metal bands! I also didn’t pay them! Those were the days! Thank you for taking me back to simpler times- the days of Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, Dokken, and Def Leppard! 🎸🎸🎸

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  3. I bought and paid for a lot of records through Columbia House, Beth. I even got to the point where they sent me a coupon for a free record for every one I bought. It was a thrill to see that record shaped brown box show up in the mail. Luckily my father was equally into music, so he had no problem with my record-buying jones.

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  4. I am sure I succumbed to offers like that – I mean, how could you not? I’m also sure I didn’t pay everything I owed for some of what I received. Now that I’m able to pay what I owe, I’d be okay if they came to my door demanding it. And now, darnit, I’m feeling bad about not paying!

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  5. All my records, cassettes, and tapes are long gone, but I still have a lot of CDs floating around somewhere. I think I predated Columbia House but was probably into something like that for a short while.

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  6. It reminds me when Warner Brothers used to offer compilation albums, a dozen songs from a dozen of their albums, all designed to entice you to order the artist…the offer came inside an album on the sleeve…I still have some and they were actually a pretty great value!

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  7. Absolutely! It wasn’t Columbia, but I belonged to one of them. I turned in my $1.00 When CDs started showing up that I hadn’t ordered with attached bills, I dropped out. I think this was an early subscription service, which we now find everywhere. The initial deal was unbelievable, though the sound quality was a cut below.

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