be like star trek.


cast of the original star trek series

“star trek was an attempt to say that humanity

will reach maturity and wisdom

on the day that it begins not to just tolerate,

but take a special delight

in differences in ideas and differences in life forms.”

-gene roddenberry -star trek creator


image credit: nbc tv

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  1. I felt like, even though they were very different, Star Trek and the Twilight Zone we’re very similar. The underlying messages about humanity were very powerful. The world can certainly learn a lot from the messages of both shows.

    Star Trek is a great example of acceptance and compromise. How often did Kirk have feelings for and kiss and alien being? Too often we see other humans with different viewpoints, different ethnicities, or different skin color and treat them as an “alien” because of them.

    One day I hope people will realize that when you think about race – there is only one thing to know: we are all part of one race … The human race.

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