glitter not bitter.


one of my grandies saw that a tiny piece of glitter

had made its way

onto a big piece of birthday cake

that had come from

a sealed and wrapped bakery package

and noted:

“somehow, whenever you are around us, there is always glitter.”

that made me so happy.


“glitter is my makeup of choice.”


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  1. When I send birthday cards and Christmas cards to my nieces, I always fill the envelopes with glitter
    and sparkles … haha . . Purple and green sparkles go everywhere when they open their cards …

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  2. Kids don’t miss much. And they especially like sparkly and glittery. Over the weekend, I saw my grandkids who were gifted with stickers by the other grandparents. I returned home with a mermaid on my tee from my granddaughter and a South Caroline state sticker from the grandson (who at age three is into geography, knows all the states and is also learning the countries). And at a community festival, a young girl was handing out free stickers. I got an ice cream treat sticker and she got some coins in return. Loved her enthusiasm.

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  3. In my 20’s I worked in a t-shirt printing shop that did country shirts with lots of glitter on them (mid 1990s). My job was to put the glitter on the Screenprinting, shake it off and send them through the conveyor belt dryer. I don’t want to know how much is likely still lodged in my lungs, but needless to say I was the Peanuts “Pigpen”-version of glitter queen. I usually went dancing at raves with friends after work, so it didn’t really matter. People just thought I was always fancified for the Rave parties. We didn’t drink or do drugs. We just had our water bottles and danced all night.

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