a look.


the description:Ever wish you could just wrap yourself in a plush blanket scarf and pronounce it a look? Well, hello! This pale grey top is crafted with shawl-like wrap styling and features pleats at the shoulder and a crisscross bottom. But unlike your winter scarf, the lavishly soft piece has full-length sleeves.”

my reality:

i do love how comfortable and cozy

this ‘plush blanket scarf’ looks


i wonder

if i can master

(the shawl, wrap, pleats, crisscross features)

 and put it on

without getting all tangled up in it

which would not be

a good look

or quite as comfortable.

“simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

– coco chanel

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  1. I will never worry about getting that wrapped on me correctly because, while I love the look, the first words that came to my mind were “too hot!”. Another new look is apparently wearing your watch on top of your sleeve???

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    • It does! I wrote about the craziest medical gown situation that I’ve ever had a while back. The docs decided in a new style what would adapt to all sizes and it was a flat gown with around 1,000 tiny snaps and you had to assemble it. My doc was laughing so hard when she came in and saw what I was wearing and said it should a cognitive test )

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  2. … not to forget to firstly put the watch on OVER the sleeve and lastly take it off before throwing your throw/wrap off….. sadly, a problem I’m overly familiar with! (It also seems I’m leaking all my embarrassing moments of my life on this blog! Luckily I am always a bit late so that nobody but you reads my comments!!!) 🤫😉

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