sweet delivery

people helping in the community just because


From the Humane Society:

The sweet and thoughtful Washtenaw Dairy drove up to HSHV today with pup cups for all the dogs!! They’d heard that we have a FULL shelter and brought enough for all the dogs to enjoy a cold treat on this hot day. Not to mention bringing donuts for the humans at HSHV! What a wonderful surprise, thank you Washtenaw Dairy 

Response from the Dairy:

Every day is a fun day working at Washtenaw Dairy but today was extra cool! Thanks so much to HSHV for allowing us to pop in today and treat all the dogs at the shelter with pup cups. We are excited to see these sweet dogs find their Forever homes! Their shelters are full right now. A lot of Covid puppies coming back.We wanted to do some thing to showcase their Empty the Shelter event and spoil all the pups that were there.

Thank you for all you do for all the animals in our community!

“no single act of generosity remains in isolation. the ripples are many.” 

―sarah winman, author

 credits: huron valley humane society, washtenaw dairy

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  1. Thank you to all who show kindness to these shelter pups, Beth. May they indeed find their forever homes, I wish, as I give our cherished rescue Ellie an extra pat on her head this morning for lifting our spirits every dang day.

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  2. Thank you for such a heartwarming story about people in this world who go out of their way to make sure others (people or animals) know they are thought about with caring. My heart has a lighter step as it trudges along today because of this story!

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  3. That is super cool. Makes me smile. I can’t imagine life without our two puppies, who are really dogs now, but COVID puppies make me sad. Saw a sign in front of a church yesterday that asked passers by, “what if you were the person your pets thought you were? What a wonderful world it would be!”

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    • From the same dairy that always be put donuts into the hospital for chemo patients and families. Years later he died of cancer himself and the other still brings the donuts. Sell their coffee for 50cents so the old guys can come in and agonies it and hang around and chat in the morning. Wonderful people.


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