hope is the feeling.


art credit: the hope tree, by ashvin harrison

she looked older, tired, worn down, but trying

dark eyeliner, hair an unnatural black, a gold barrette

standing at the register

waiting as i approached

buying paper for an art project

noticing colors and prints on the papers

she pointed at them, saying:

“if you mix this blue with this flowered print, it looks exactly like the inside of the locket that i had when i was a little girl. it was shaped like a heart, my mother gave it to me, it had both of our pictures in it. is was really something. it didn’t make it through the fire though. i think someone came and took it after that happened. they didn’t know how important it was. i’ve had my dreams squashed before, but i still have hope.”

she shared all of that with me, a random stranger, in a 2 minute encounter. something about her was achingly sad, yet i also felt admiration for her refusal to surrender to a life that may have never been easy, still holding out hope for a better day, yet to come. amazing person.

“hope is the feeling we have that the feeling we have is not permanent.”

Β -mignon mclaughlin

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  1. this is heart-breakingly beautiful and equally sad. As is the Hope Tree…. What must have gone on in that woman to open her heart to you in such a deep and touching fashion?! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. addendum: Over breakfast outside I said to HH: Look how the one tree and the hazelnut bush already start throwing yellow leaves away…. Up to yesterday we had no rain for weeks and since then it’s pouring down, wonderful for the nature. But it might be kinda late for some trees with roots not deep enough. Yet; we all, nature and humans, continue to HOPE.

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