creature comfort.


one of the many beautiful and curious creatures at the belle isle aquarium

The Belle Isle Aquarium was designed by famed Detroit architect, Albert Kahn, and opened in August, 1904. It is the oldest aquarium in the country and has served the Detroit community as a beloved attraction for generations. In 2005, the city of Detroit announced that the Aquarium was to be closed due to lean economic times for the city. The building remained closed to the public until the Belle Isle Conservancy reopened it on September 15, 2012. Since its reopening, the aquarium has exploded in popularity, evident by the attendance numbers that have soared over the course of the last decade. “Momentum” is truly the best term for what is happening in this historic building. A work-in-progress, the aquarium continues to grow and flourish as new exhibits and fish are added, tanks are restored, and history is preserved for generations to come.

“the universe is full of the lives of perfect creatures.”

-konstantin tsiokovsky 

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  1. Living close to a major city, I often take for granted the places such as the aquarium or the museums or the forest preserves. Thank you for reminding me how fortunate I am and how I need to rediscover the world around me. Peace.

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  2. What a beautiful historic building. I love when they are used for public events and, in this case, an aquarium. In Vienna, we have the oldest Zoo in the world. It was founded in 1752. All the old buildings are still there and well cared for. Of course, more buildings got added over time and the enclosures were enlarged and adjusted to the animals’ natural habitat.

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  3. Hello dear friend. I appreciate your friendship. I want to talk to you about life and the children. You have been kind to me. I am retired now. One day we can met at a poetry reading in Ann Arbor. We can sing our words to Ann Arbor. I would be honored to sit with you. You are the kindest and sweetest heart left in Ann Arbor. One day, I will be blessed.

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  4. Preservation is hugely important for many reasons. History, community, architecture, art… the list is a long one. I love these stories! Thanks to all the folks who helped reopen Belle Isle Aquarium!

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