of giants, glaciers, stone, and wolves.


Kummakivi Balancing Rock

This rock stands in the middle of the forest balancing on another much smaller rock. There is a legend that the rock was placed here by giants, but there is also a scientific explanation for this. Geologists say that the rock may have been moved by the power of glacier over 8,000 years ago. This captivating stone can be found in Valtola, Southern Savonia, Finland.

The rock is well-visited no matter what you believe to be its origin story, and the best time to visit the rock is summer and early autumn, as you can easily get to the forest. It can be difficult to get to the middle of deep forest during long winter nights when there will be snow and maybe even wolves.

i’m a fan of the giant theory and would love to see this up close.

“how one walks through the world,

the endless small adjustments of balance,

is affected by the shifting weights of beautiful things.”

-elaine scarry

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  1. Life is a balancing act …


    There is a distant shore
    Between why and when
    Life is a seesaw
    Between hero’s and heroine’s

    There is a balance
    Between ups and downs
    Life is a challenge
    Between smiles and frowns

    There is a common ground
    Between storms and calmness
    Life is a humming sound
    Between love and happiness

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  2. This is where I’d like to see some of that time-lapse photography they used to show us in school. I’d love to know the history of this rock.


  3. I believe in the legend of the giant who placed it there… scientists are so boring! They always want to find a non-poetic and “rational” explanation that takes away all the fantasy and all the beauty in the world. And what’s more their scientific explanation is as much a theory and as unbelievable as the legend…

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