they have made me.


The library in Puebla, Mexico has grown from 5,000 volumes in 1646 to more than 40,000 volumes now,

the majority of which date from before Mexico’s independence and is the oldest in the Americas.


“i cannot remember the books i’ve read any more than the meals i have eaten; even so, they have made me.”

-ralph waldo emerson



in honor of international book month

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  1. Mr. Emerson stated what I must agree with 100%. When I’m in the zone, I average a book every 2 days; I often can’t remember the title of the one I’m currently reading, much less the titles of all of the other books I’ve read!

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  2. All the books I read in the past have merged into a warm glow. Unfortunately my adult years as an editor ruined the experience of reading for pleasure. I was too busy analyzing, stumbling over typos, poor sentence structure, and mangled grammar and punctuation.

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    • oh, I get that. before teaching I did pr/promo for feature films and it took me a couple of years before I could just enjoy a movie without worrying what the critics and audience were doing, if the film was messed up, how many walked out, etc. it’s hard to undo.


  3. Libraries are miracles, in my mind. Think of all they’ve done for so many! And they’re free for us!! I appreciate Ralph’s quote – makes me feel less guilty for not remembering all the books I’ve read, but absolutely each one stays within me. ❤

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  4. love REW…. he’s always right! And I always wanted to be a library worker or a bookshop owner but I fear I would have failed miserably on both accounts because I’m only ever READING and I couldn’t have sold many books or ‘given out’ much. I’m sure I’d have looked through evey single book an interested person would have brought to my desk in the library and then told them: Sorry, you can’t have that one right now, I have a pending reservation here (that would be me)….

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  5. Again, you have made my day. I’ve read SO MANY books and I can’t really remember all of them, but it’s okay, right? It’s impossible to remember all of them. I just keep going. Thank you again. I am overwhelmed, at the moment, but the books sitting next to me, waiting to be read. Love to Olive. Oh, you too, of course.

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  6. true: we are what we read — and I can remember almost every book I read because each made an impact on me; I can also remember what books I read my children because I chose books I loved; but that si a very very small fraction of all the books out there — and they continue to be published!

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