across the universe.


my grandson stargazing in a night field

i met my ex-husband many years ago

a man with a brilliant mind

who taught me myriad things

among them

oceanography, astronomy, photography


my grandson

 never met his (now late) grandfather

yet all these years later

he put together one of his old telescopes

 taking it upon himself

to learn astrophotography

he has become a stargazer

two generations later

his grandfather

would have been thrilled and so proud of him

proving once again that

everything in the universe is truly connected

most in ways we cannot even begin to imagine.


“Science is the one human activity that is truly progressive.

The body of positive knowledge is transmitted from generation to generation.” 

Edwin Powell Hubble, The Realm of the Nebulae

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  1. We can’t force relationships or the things we may want for our children or grandchildren. We can only provide opportunity and encouragement. I am sure you would have been happy whatever path was chosen. I am sure you are also thrilled with his new found interest.

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  2. This unexpected connection of generations gives me goosebumps, and joy. To know that your grandson, who didn’t know his grandfather, shares his interest is remarkable in a way that defies explanation. My 3.5-year-old grandson is in to the solar system. Yesterday his mom sent me a photo of Isaac drawing the sun, moon, planets, stars (and labeling them) for his uncle, away at grad school in Indiana. This brought me to tears, seeing how a little one so meticulously put marker to paper to share his interests with my son. My heart felt full of love and gratitude.

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  3. Ah, the wonders of science…and of looking at the stars, which I love to do… Science that condemns those who think outside the box…their box…but that has always had to do that to accomplish anything worthwhile. Lovely post Beth!

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  4. It’s amazing when we see in youth the traits and interests of those before. My son is very much like his grandfather. Even eats his apple slices the same way, although they never met. Your post really resonated with me.

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  5. Isn’t this generational/genetic pull marvelous? My son gives me credit for one of his 13-year-old son’s brilliances in reading and writing; my son blames me for 9-year-old son’s migraines. Whoops, do I need to accept both?

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