dress up.

walking around downtown on saturday
amidst a whirl of fashion statements
people dressed in support of the university of michigan national championship football game
with the maize and blue proudly displayed (we won)
people dressed in support of team u.s.a. in the world cup make or break soccer game
with flags in red, white, and blue proudly displayed (we lost)
people dressed in winter holiday funwear
even more proudly displayed
(we are all winners in this game)
everyone busily strolling
all mixing
all happy
under one december sun
and not a spot of snow to show for it.
“anyone can get dressed up and glamorous,
but it is how people dress in their days off that is most intriguing.”
-alexander wang
image credit: getty images

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  1. I always find it strange when people dress up animals. Those penguins certainly don’t need any outfits. Football and rugby shirts are common casual wear in Britain. The fans dearly love to show allegiance to a local or national team.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. It’s moments like these that need to be made kudos over in today’s world! Front page news of a community gathered together in peace and joyfulness is far more fitting than any of the political and/or worldly news. Celebrate the good and stop focusing on the negative!

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  3. Often, to the chagrin and embarrassment of my family, I forget to pay attention to what clothes I put on. When I do pay attention, my “taste” doesn’t always coincide with that of my wife and daughter. I’ve learned to go change if one of them is adamant. And that’s a great photo.

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