left behind.


what a wonderfully kind gesture

for someone to leave a gallon of milk and bread behind

to be discovered by someone else who may need it more.

“let us temper our criticism with kindness. none of us comes fully equipped.”

-carl sagan

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      • Would you eat it or drink it? Let your kids have it? Would any of the people who commented eat it? I think our homeless people might even be afraid of it. Maybe things are just more dangerous around here, or we’re more jaded, but I’m blown away by people thinking how wonderful this is. Homeless may eat things people throw away but seeing something left like that would be a warning sign since it’s not normal in any way at all. We buy the homeless people lunch and hand it to them in a box when we leave the deli. Just to see random food somewhere is weird. Maybe the person who left it did a good deed, but no one around here would go near it. Perhaps this was in a small town, where people do things like that. I can’t imagine anyone eating it. I was shopping today, left my water bottle in the cart and walked away. Threw it away when I went back there, and I was thirsty, but I left it unattended, so that was the end of that. Different lifestyle for sure. If anyone left food out around here, it would rot, unless someone threw it away. Does this happen by you? It’s amazing to me. Like a science fiction story. LOLOLOL

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  1. Yes, a lovely gesture!!!

    When Covid caused a lock down, the pizza place up the street put their old fridge outside with a note…take something you need…. leave something someone else might need.
    It was there for months.
    Then one day someone took the fridge.
    I guess that was what they needed.

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