a day.


it was a 2 ice-pack kind of day

a bandaid, temperature check, coughing kind of day

but all in all a great day

we learned about the winter solstice

saw part of the big kids’ play

danced and sang in spanish

shared books

had an outdoor adventure

(add in a couple of scratches, a few sticky burrs,a clothing change, and lots of bravery)

but at the end of the day

we all had both mittens

and headed on home.

“there is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.”

-alexander woollcott

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  1. I smiled reading this post because I had ice pack flashes to my teaching days.
    “My arm is sore. Can I get an ice pack?”
    “I scratched my nose on the playground. Can I get an ice pack?”
    “I jammed my big toe. Can I get an ice pack?”

    “My pencil broke. Can I get another one?”
    “I don’t have anybody to play with.”
    “I’m sorry. Would you like me to find you a playground pal”
    “Yes . . . and I need an ice pack.”

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  2. Now this is a day to remember! I love when I have a day that flows from uneventful but cozy points of action. Exciting times are fun, but also exhausting. I appreciate the calm days of quiet reflection more and more as I grow older. Thanks for the glimpse into one of your days!

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  3. I am impressed. What a great day.
    However, getting home with both mittens is no easy task.

    I once, at 7, found a lost mitten in the spring. I had been walking with 1 hand in my pocket, so my mitten loss would not be spotted. Then in the thaw, (prairies) under a deep layer of ice was my mitten.
    Every day on my way home from school, I would chip at that ice with my galoshes.
    Finally, I made it through and saved the mitten.
    A week later I lost the other one.

    Getting home with both mittens is no easy task.

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