memories gather and dance.


Toy Department during Christmas season in the J.L. Hudson store, Detroit – 1957

 loved this view of the toy department at the store during the Christmas season.

toys were displayed on shelves, tables, and display cases,

with decorations featuring elves, a sleigh, and reindeer in background.

this is where i went every year

all dressed up fancy

to buy little gifts (with help from the elves) for my family

to see santa

to have a special lunch

 always, always amazed

by the glamour and magic of it all.

“like snowflakes, my christmas memories gather and dance –

each, beautiful, unique, and gone too soon.

-deborah whipp


credits: detroit memories, linda yates rudnicki, j.l. hudson’s

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    • The stores have changed, and maybe a bit of both. This was the premier department store in Detroit and we would make a special pilgrimage each December to be a part of this tradition. The store no longer exists, and it was a jewel in the city.


  1. I can so appreciate this, Beth. I remember being super excited when the annual Christmas advertisement big books showed up. So many years are fantasizing about things I knew my parents would never get. Pretty funny, but they did a great job raising me as they didn’t believe in giving us excessive gifts. That attitude helped me learn to appreciate getting things through my own hard work.

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  2. We used to go ‚window shopping‘ year after year and it continued until now. France‘s superstores do amazing windows and they even build ‚bridges‘ for the kids to climb so that they can see all the spinning and wheeling, the dancing and ‚working‘. It used to be often cold too in my Kinder Days and we blew our hot breath onto the windows.

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