mo’ snow.


downtown snowman, safe and sound

“snowfall rouses your inner child to dream and play once more.”

-angie weiland-crosby

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  1. That’s hilarious. A few weeks ago I asked a grocery store employee if they could put cones around a gigantic pothole in the parking lot. Big enough to swallow a small car (Ok, not quite, but enough to damage any vehicle). I got a blank look and an answer that the pothole had been previously filled with asphalt. Sigh.

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  2. When we do get enough snow, I always think of going out to fall backwards into it and make a snow angel. Thankfully, I quickly remember that I can’t get back on my feet without assistance! I often wonder what happened to us to change us from kids with wet gloves and boots, snot running from our noses and insisting we’re not cold enough to come in from the snow, into adults who only go out in the snow if necessary and complain that they even had to!

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