waiting for the kids again and yet again

his day jobs

are driving the fire truck and acting in movies

but when the weekend comes

he’s manning the wheel of the minivan

doing errands and chauffeuring the pups around

to all their social events and games

just like every other dalmation.

“i’m the one with the spots.”

-anonymous dalmatian author


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  1. Firemen in the UK do not keep dogs as pets, but I have heard of that happening in America. I had to look up why they did that.
    ‘Dalmatians and horses are very compatible, so the dogs were easily trained to run in front of the engines to help clear a path and guide the horses and the firefighters to the fires quickly. They are still chosen by many fire fighters as pets in honor of their heroism in the past.’
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I won’t let my Cavoodle ‘Frankie’ see this article, Bet … he might get some big ideas and ask about driving the car to the butcher’s tomorrow and have me wait in the car!

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