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beautiful place

to spend a few days

 no agenda

no timeline

no worries

immersed in peaceful and historical beauty

“if you can attain repose and calm, believe that you have seized happiness.”

-julie jeanne eleonore de laepinasse


london, ontario, canada




how to wash ‘n roll away your winter blues.


Japan’s Hot Tub Rollercoaster Takes Water Parks to a New Level

A city in Japan is teasing plans of the world’s first spa-themed amusement park.

In a concept video, Beppu City on Japan’s Kyushu island showed off an idea for a new “spamusement park.” The video featured visitors at typical amusement park attractions—a carousel, ferris wheel and roller coaster—but instead of seats for each ride, there were hot tubs.

In the video, visitors entered the rides wearing only a towel—which begs the question: Are visitors to the potential site supposed to walk around in wet towels all day? Also: How does the water stay inside the ride and off electrical equipment? And how are we keeping all these rides clean?

Despite many logistical questions, the spamusement park could become reality.

The mayor of Beppu declared that once the video reached 1 million views (a somewhat low bar in 2016 for a video of people in towels riding roller coasters), the city would begin working on the onsen (hot spring) amusement park. The video has been viewed more than 2 million times since it was uploaded last week and the mayor announced in a statement that work has begun. However, it’s entirely possible that the rides shown in the video will not actually happen.

“We are still discussing safety issues, for example, whether we could actually run hot water inside a roller coaster,” a spokesperson for Beppu’s tourist department told The Japan Times. “But the rides will be something fun.”

Beppu is already an onsen tourist destination—there are more than 2,000 hot springs for visitors to choose from. However the city recently launched an initiative to become the “spa city of the world.” Last year, Beppu welcomed 437,764 foreign tourists.

No completion date for the project has yet been announced.

credits: travel and leisure magazine, cailey rizzo, bravo

the three heirs



once upon a time, there was a mama bear named beth who had 3 little girl bears. each one was very different, yet for some reason mama bear had thought it was a good idea, (at the time), to give each one a name that began with the letter,’h.’ over time, each had learned just to answer to any name that began with the letter ‘h’ because the odds were that mama bear usually was calling them by the wrong name. especially when she was tired or was excited or was laughing or was a bit worked up about something.

well, the little bears grew up and each went to their own cave, but there were some special moments when they all were all back together, in the same place at the same time. it was during one of those times, that mama bear had another good idea, and she gave two of the little bears a certificate to go to a local spa as a gift for their birthdays, which were close together. it had been a long season, and they were tired and needed some pampering. the third little bear stayed with mama and played games and had coffee and chatted about how much fun the other two must be having and how relaxed they would be after their special day.


when the two little bears got home, and came through the door, they had sad and disappointed looks on their faces, and one was even hobbling a bit. and they shared their story of what happened at the spa that day. it seems the spa had gotten them mixed up, as both of their names began with ‘h,’ and they had arrived together.

one had wanted a deep tissue sports massage, and spent a long time waiting for the massage to ‘really begin.’ she said when she heard the enya music, and smelled lavender and her masseuse was whispering, she had a feeling it was not going to be the experience she had expected. when she was finished, she walked out and came around the corner, only to run into her little bear sister who had tears in her eyes, and was walking very gingerly. she had been given the hardcore sports massage and had moaned and groaned throughout the treatment, as she was pummeled and twisted and turned, and she was waiting for the gentle massage to begin, and her whole body was now aching and she was in pain.

when they told mama and the third little bear the whole story, the listeners really did try to be sympathetic, they really, really did, but they could not stop laughing about the mixup. this did not make the two little spa bears feel any better. the ones who stayed home realized they had been the ones to have the relaxing day, not the ones who went out to seek comfort. but they were smart, and thought it might not be a good idea to bring it up right then.

when everyone calmed down, and when it had been quiet for a bit, they all sat down (carefully), and mama bear made everyone some comfort food, and gave each bear a healthy glass of red wine, and then all of the ‘h’s’, (who knows which went first?), took turns retelling their version of the story. and then there was laughter in the house once more, along some painful wincing going on.

The whole campaign was a tragic case of mistaken identity.  –  George McGovern


image credits: art.com, http://www.alisal.com/spa.html