all that glitters….



       being 19 and heading to her first doctor visit as a woman, she was extremely nervous and not sure what to expect.  knowing she was one of the last in her group of friends who was ‘still inexperienced’ as of yet, she was even more worried.  in response to this, she overcompensated while prepping for the visit by bathing and powdering until everything was ‘shiny and new’. at the last second, she thought of one more thing, and meant to spray herself with a product that promised to leave you feeling ‘fresh as a spring day.’  only problem was, she accidentally grabbed the wrong can and noticed too late that she’d used her ‘glitter hair spray’ instead. instantly realizing her mistake, she washed off the sparkles, and running late for her appointment, headed out the door. 

       after a short wait for the doctor, it was time for her appointment at last.  she was relieved to find that the whole thing not the nightmare she’d imagined, and found the doctor to actually be quite understanding and patient. imagine her horror when the doctor smiled and turned to her asking, ‘by the way, i noticed a bit of glitter here and there and wondered if you may have any more questions for me? are you sure there’s nothing more you’d like to share with me or that you don’t perhaps have just a bit more experience than you first mentioned?‘


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  1. Hmmm and I thought I knew you… hee, hee. I will probably think of glitter differently from now on. Thanks Beth. You always have a twist on things.


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